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Information for Ordering Custom Lace Wigs from Us

How to Order A Lace Wig? ------ Download the Order Form Here! ------Can't Open it? Click here!

Different Lace Cap Designs

What is Lace Wigs usually made of?
100% Indian Remy and Chinese Remy hair lace wigs with recession for natural hair line. Petite, average to large sized caps. French or Swiss full lace or lace front with lace, thin skin at the rear or stretch lace back for flexibility and adjustable sizing. The wigs are made from Cuticle hair, individually hand-tied for tangle free hair styling if maintained correctly.

  • Indian Remy and Chinese Remy hair
  • French or Swiss Lace
  • All lace or Stretch lace and or/Thin Skin at the rear
  • Hand Tied
  • Free Style hair can be parted anywhere and worn in low or high pony tail dependent on cap constructions.

What is a lace Front?
A lace front is a wig that's hairline is constucted of lace material. This material is made out of French Lace or Swiss Lace and is virtually undetectable to the naked eye when placed against the skin. The hair is knotted into the lace and appears to grow from the scalp offering an natural appearence. Only a lace front wig can be trusted to maintain the illusion of growing hair and it's the prefferred choice of celebriteis, actors, and people in media.

French Lace
French lace is a strong material used at the front edge of a hairpiece in combination with bleached knots to give and extremely undetectable look. The knots are not hidden by lace, but using lighter knots creates the illusion of growing hair. French lace is less fragile than Swiss lace and with care could last a long time.

Swiss Lace
Swiss Lace is more fragile than French lace but strong enough if handled carefully. It is the most undetectable but also very delicate. Swiss lace needs to be handed with care and is not recommended for first time users to lace front wigs.

Hair Color
The color chart will help guide you on the right color for your wig. If you are interested in a combination of coloring please contact me before you place an order.

Hair Density
Choose what density you would like your new Lace Front Wig. Density is hard to gauge from photos and a lot depends on your hair length, how curly it is, how dark it is, the lighting, etc. The pictures below are of a factory density book (no bleached knots here!) which contains industry standard densities of 50%, 80%, 100%, 130%, 150% and 180%. Looking at our photos page you will see how various densities look in various colors and lengths on our clients.

This is 50% density, or "extra-light"
This is a great density on a lace base with bleached knots.

This is 80% or "light"
Like real hair, it shows a fair amount of scalp but is also a good full young healthy head of hair.

This is 100% or "light-to medium"
Normal density that offers light airy part, Full head of healthy hair.

This is 130% or "medium"
This is only called medium because these names are derived from the ladies wig industry. 130% is maybe okay for a woman who wants her hair to look full and volumnious.

This is 150% or "medium-heavy"
Nice density for a ladies wig, very full and thick, nice density for yaki textures.

This is 180% or "heavy"
The 180% density is a common density for wig industry, many women like hair to look very full, and youthful, the 180% is nice density for woman.

Hair Curl

  • Tight Afro 0.2cm
  • Afro 0.4cm
  • Loose Afro 0.6cm
  • Tightest Curl 0.8cm
  • Tight Curl 1.0cm
  • Very Curly 1.2cm
  • Curly 1.5cm
  • Loose Curl 1.8cm
  • Light Curl 2.2cm
  • Very Wavy 2.5cm
  • Wavy 3.0cm
  • Light Wave 3.2cm
  • Body Wave 3.8cm
  • Straight 5cm

Hair Styling
All custom lace front wigs come shaped to the style of your chosen photograph. Your stylist should refine the cut of the lace front wig to frame your face, something that cannot be done remotely as ever face shape differs.

How is lace front cap applied?
The lace front cap is applied with either special adhesive that is safe for human skin, or tape. The adhesive disappears into the lace front and creates the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp.

How to Measure my Head?

1. Circumfrence:
2.From forehead to nape of neck:
3. Ear to ear across front hairline
4. Ear to ear over top of head
5. Temple to temple
6. Nape of neck

How to Order A Lace Wig? ------ Download the Order Form Here! ------Can't Open it? Click here!

Different Lace Cap Designs



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